Who are you?

Roger Daltrey is not the only person regularly asking us who we are, so for those who were wondering here is a quick introduction of the Twist & Sound team!

Alias: Alex, Alesk, Lélé

Alex, the bright side of the force, Twist and Sound’s pillar, knows where to find skilled, often unknown and always intriguing artists. He is the technical expert of the blog, the music analyst that dissects the tracks. Half French, half Scandinavian, he is the independent side of Twist and Sound. Yes, Alex buys vinyls. Yes, Lélé listens to artists that might not even exist. Alex is our Pitchfork touch, without the vainglory and the hipster side of the American website. What a classy man.

Alias: Charles, Patrick

Being international is his thing but it is not surprising: Cyril is half English, half Austrian, half Swiss. He loves order, discipline, Swiss watches and things that are done fast. That is why Top Gear and skiing are among his other hobbies. But he also likes humour and cultural references, you will periodically find some hints in his articles and everywhere on the blog. His musical tastes are like the man: strong, classical and highly skilled. Cyril is Mister 60s, 70s, 80s and everything. He is Twist and Sound’s Wikipedia.

Alias: Jeannot, L’Aveyronnais

Jeannot eats music as fast as he eats aligot. This wild boy of Aveyron has more than 1.000 artists in his collection and he discovers 23 new ones every week. Jeannot is the musically boosted one of the band, he venerates electro, catchy guitar riff and crazy organs. The music for Jeannot must move and must not be named Pink Floyd. This French Touch big fan agrees to travel for music, for example to Belgium or Denmark, where he lived for quite a long time before telling them farvel og tak.

Alias: Kaikai
Kevin may be the last member to have joined Twist & Sound, but he did not wait for us to be an expert on anything that relates to the Indie rock scene. Some say that he casually spends his weekends with Thom Yorke in Iceland to listen to Sigur Rós in perfect conditions. And that he regularly organises parties with Josh Homme and Alex Turner, to play some Arcade Fire. All we know is that he definitely knows what he is talking about, always very precise and ready to look for new Indie bands!