Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

When the Norwegian King of synthesizers thinks he is the hidden son of Giorgio Moroder, it simply gives us the best album of 2014.
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Simply put, this album is the best of 2014. There are 12 tracks and nothing would have to me removed from it. It truly is an hommage to disco: Todd Terje is a Scandinavian version of Giorgio Moroder, a genius. Half of these crazy tracks were previously released as EPs or single: this “Strandbar” is a shortened version of the eponymous EP, “Delorean Dynamite” was a single before it was on this album, “Johnny and Mary” – the huge surprise of this album for its duo with Bryan Ferry, “Swing Star Pt 1 & 2” which was on The Arps EP, and of course the perfect “Inspector Norse” which was on the same EP.
The other half is entirely made out of new material: the short but nonetheless excellent intro which is named… “Intro”, the double Preben on “Leisure Suit Preben” and “Preben Goes to Acapulco” – which I found to be just perfect, the incredible mix of “Svensk Sås”, “Alfonso Muskedunder” and the Moroder-like “Oh Joy”.
It’s album Time is smart and risky at the same time. It is an album of cocktails, of modern easy listening, halfway through disco, electronic, jazz and exotica.
You’ll have understood: I don’t even know how to exactly qualify the genre that should accurately describe this album, but it might very well be in our favorite playlists for a while.
We know it’s quite cold and melancholic in this frosty month of January, but Todd is here. So fix yourself a Pina Colada, put up the central heating, and let Todd do the rest to recreate a perfect tropical summer.

  • Preben Goes To Acapulco, Svensk Sås, Strandbar, Delorean Dynamite, Oh Joy, Inspector Norse