Ty Segall – Manipulator

Psychedelic Glam Rock Anyone?
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This is a great discovery for me, and as always it is a shame I did not know Ty segall before, as he already has 7 albums. Yes: one each year, since 2008. It takes us one year to write a few reviews each year on that website. Ty Segall writes an album in the same period of time. Impressive. Given the fact that the man is only 27 year-old, we’re simply looking at what could be the most prolific artist of all time. And if all of them are as good as Manipulator, we strongly support the man in his LP-marathon.
Talking about the music a bit for a change: if you do happen to like Marc Bolan, please go and buy this album straight away. You’ll find some psychedelic glam rock that was clearly inspired by T.Rex: guitar sounds, violins, even his voice has something in there that makes you think of the golden years of glam rock. Now, if you find Bolan to be quite old fashioned and boring, you can still listen to Manipulator: it will probably please everyone and not only those with an Electric Warrior poster in their living room. Riffs are very catchy, I particularly like this huge bass on “The Hand”. Oh yes, you will like this album, you in the back. Now I have 6 other albums to discover before Ty Segall gets another one out. You have to move quickly.

  • The Singer, Feel, The Hand