DZ Deathrays – Black Rat

Black Rat DZ Deathrays 2014, I OH YOU, Rock Deezer iTunes by Kevin
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Black Rat
DZ Deathrays
2014, I OH YOU, Rock
DZ Deathrays - Black Rat
by Kevin

The Australian duo DZ Deathrays, Shane Parsons (guitar) and Simon Ridley (drums), is back! After a first album full of promise and energy (and shouting, and huge riffs), Black Rat is highly anticipated. Their sound, blending punk, thrash guitars and pop melodies, is still here, but the writing and the originality seem to have improved a lot.

The first single, “Gina Works at Hearts,” is very representative of the group. Uncompromising, the intro and the verse are full of energy, while the chorus is full of catchy pop. Effective, we like it at the first listen. The second single could have been written by another group. The pace of “Northern Lights”, as the song is much more slower. The guitar accompanies everything perfectly. Both singles show two completely different sides of the band, and they will succeed to coexist throughout the album.

“Black Rat,” the song is an incredible song. Combining the best of both worlds, its loud intro leaves room to a chorus with a nice melody. The result is quite good, and sets the tone for the album. “Reflective Skull” and “Fixations” will make you dance, no problem. “Keep Myself On Edge” and “Ocean Exploder” are two other successes of the album, where their sounds mix perfectly, like in “Night Slave”.
“Tonight Alright” or “Nightwalking” aren’t so impressive, but who cares! The album is a success. DZ Deathrays has improved and we look forward to their future.

Track list

1. Black Rat
2. Gina Works at Hearts
3. Less Out of Sync
4. Reflective Skull
5. Keep Myself On Edge
6. Northern Lights
7. Nightwalking
8. Fixations
9. Ocean Exploder
10. Tonight Alright
11. Night Slave