Woodkid – The Golden Age

The Golden Age Woodkid 2013, Green United Music, Alternative Deezer
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The Golden Age
2013, Green United Music, Alternative

Jean-Adrien’s Word
Woodkid’s long-waiting album is finally out and don’t worry the result is impressive. I have rarely been as astonished by such a beauty, such a mature album, and such skill for making music. Woodkid is a real artist who comes from visual art and we can feel it in his music. This album is a mix of many influences, it is electronic music orchestrated like classical music and with a strong influence from soundtrack music. But Woodkid’s music is a jewel, worked hard during long hours, that gives emotions by dozen. You can only be taken by the atmosphere of this album, a gothic beauty sometimes cold that somehow turns into an epic journey. Percussions and wind instruments give the album a tribal touch. It needs a lot of listening to reveal all the beauty of Woodkid’s compositions. I am conquered.
Cyril’s Word
We have waited quite long for Woodkid! An EP in 2011, another one in 2012, promises of an album told again and again and then postponed, but it has finally come out and it is called The Golden Age. It has taken a long time to Monsieur Lemoine! We can easily understand why when listening to the album, the music is often complex and the themes make me think of the soundtrack of an imaginary film that popped into Woodkid’s mind a long time ago. Videos are as worked as the rest and are a real part of the experience. My general impression is the same as at the end of his Montreux concert last summer. The music is often grandiose and will give you emotion and chills, the instruments are strong and make an original contrast with his voice which is weak and calm. I really liked the show, I also like this album. But I am a bit disappointed that after waiting so long the highlights of The Golden Age are still the songs from the EPs: “Iron” and “Run Boy Run”. I envy those who will directly discover Woodkid with this album. The contrast is then interesting between the mass mediatisation over this first album and the musical style, orchestral and original. I really hope that Yohann has other tricks in his bag and that new projects will come quickly!

Track list
01. The Golden Age
02. Run Boy Run
03. The Great Escape
04. Boat Song
05. I Love You
06. The Shore
07. Ghost Lights
08. Shadows
09. Stabat Mater
10. Conquest Of Spaces
11. Falling
12. Where I Live
13. Iron
14. The Other Side