Eric Legnini & The Afro Jazz Beat – Sing Twice!

Sing Twice! Eric Legnini & The Afro Jazz Beat 2013, Discograph, Jazz Deezer
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Sing Twice!
Eric Legnini & The Afro Jazz Beat
2013, Discograph, Jazz

It is a good thing that I listen more jazz than before. The beginning of 2013 is full of interesting album and I will now present you Sing Twice! from the pianist Eric Legnini. This album is wonderful, performed in trio with the Afro Jazz Beat (Franck Agulhon on drums and Thomas Bramerie on double bass) and with the magnificent voices of Hugh Coltman, Mamani Keita and Emi Meyer. The album is really catchy, with african influences on songs such as “Yan Kadi” or “The Source” and an omnipresent swing-sense with guitars, brass and everything to make funky, groovy and sometimes pop rhythms. Each listen is a reason to appreciate Eric Legnini’s virtuosity at the piano. Everything is perfectly composed and the three guest singers are excellent, with a little preference for the soul voice of Hugh Coltman on “Salisbury Plains” and “If Only For A Minute”. But Mamani Keita with her delicious afro funk touch and Emi Meyer and her more folk universe are also excellent and the album alternates between songs with lyrics and instrumentals such as “Carmignano”. An album to discover absolutely. It will be a shame to miss it!

Track list
01. Sing Twice!
02. Salisbury Plains (feat. Hugh Coltman)
03. Snow Falls (feat. Hugh Coltman)
04. Yan Kadi (feat. Mamani Keita)
05. Winter Heron (feat. Emi Meyer)
06. If Only For A Minute (feat. Hugh Coltman)
07. Carmignano
08. The Source (feat. Mamani Keita)
09. We Love Shibuya
10. Cinecittà